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Let's start with the easy part of that question. To pronounce EiroBridge, think of "i-row-bridge" or "eye-row-bridge", and now put it all together as one phrase. That's it!

As for what the term EiroBridge means, Eiro is an ancient Greek verb. We don't have an exact translation in English. However, Eiro essentially means to join or bind together that which has been broken, divided, or separated. It involves bringing things back together, after they have been separated, so that the separated parts are set at one again. The closest term we have in English is the phrase or idea of "having it all together," meaning everything is in place, functioning as it should, together. You know, the way you want your workplace to be... working like a "well-oiled machine" as the saying goes!

We all know what it feels like when people are disjointed or in conflict with each other. Often, there are hostilities and angry exchanges, whether openly aggressive or passively aggressive. In any event the relationship suffers and that has a ripple effect both for the individuals involved and beyond them and their work, into the broader workplace, their families, and the communities that we live in.

Most of us spend a significant amount of time each day at work. Many of us rely on that work, and the income it produces, to support ourselves, our families, and sometimes even our friends. And, nearly every person longs for work that is meaningful and impactful in some sense.

Unfortunately, workplaces are filled with disconnection and conflict, and most of us are not equipped to navigate that effectively. So, instead of that conflict or disconnection being a healthy path to growth and opportunity, it becomes an obstacle and source of anxiety, at best. Let's face it, we don't need statistics to tell us how many people are miserable at work. The reality is that most of us have experienced that misery ourselves, maybe even right now, and often that misery is rooted in conflict of some sort.

So, the idea behind EiroBridge is to bring people in the workplace back together. We go into a lot of detail about how we do that on other pages within this website. The basic idea, though, is that we help workplaces resolve conflict and (re)connect, so that the conflict and disconnection is turned from obstacle to opportunity and ultimately, so that all people in the workplace can thrive. We also help individuals (re)connect with their work.
At EiroBridge, a key part of our Mission is to help grow "sustainable work" and "sustainable workplaces."

Quite simply, "sustainable work" and "sustainable workplaces" means work and workplaces that are life giving instead of life sucking. It's about work and workplaces that we look forward to (at least most days) instead of dreading. It's about growing. Ultimately, it's about the impact work and workplaces have on each of us, as individuals, as teams, as communities, and beyond. For far too long, and for far too many, that impact has been negative across nearly any metric. We exist to change that to a positive, one individual and one workplace at a time.
If you are facing any sort of disconnection or conflict (or you see the potential for it in the future) and if that conflict or disconnection involves your work or workplace in any manner, then EiroBridge can help. Whether it's conflict between people, between businesses, groups or entities, or between competing interests and resources, we can help you navigate it. Take a look at our Services page to see more about the different services that we can provide in various workplace conflict-related scenarios.
No. EiroBridge is an independent neutral party that does not represent any one side or entity. Instead, we rely on information collected from everyone involved in order to help everyone involved move forward in a way that makes sense for that workplace and the individuals in it. The only exception to this is when we are engaged to counsel one entity or one person on how to navigate a larger scale disconnect. But, even then, our approach is collaborative, not adversarial.
For specific conflicts involving individuals, it typically takes 10-15 business days to work through our entire mediation process, from beginning to end, and a total of no more than six hours for each party, spread out over various steps.
If it's a conflict or disconnect involving work or a workplace, EiroBridge can help.

Sometimes the conflict is between an individual employee and an employer. Other times, it's within a group of employees or leadership. There are business-to-business and agency-to-agency conflicts. Regardless of who (or what) the conflict is between, we help.

Some conflicts involve performance issues for individuals, groups, or entire entities. Other conflicts relate to a gap between available resources and real needs. Regardless of the type of the workplace conflict, we help.

The bottom line is that we help navigate workplace conflict, no matter who it is between, what it involves, or why it is occurring. If the conflict is in the workplace, we help.
Yes! A lot of what EiroBridge does involves training the various people in your workplace in conflict navigation skills. That training can occur in a variety of ways and settings, depending on your needs. Whether it's classroom-type training (in-person or on-line), 1:1 coaching and support, or other training methods, we engage and equip managers, employees, community members, and other stakeholders with proven techniques and tools that will enable them to navigate the various conflicts that occur in your workplace.
We have nothing against lawyers. In fact, EiroBridge's founder is a lawyer that has practiced employment law since 2003. But, lawyers approach conflict in a very different way as compared to EiroBridge (hint: it does not usually involve (re)connection!). Our goal is to help and equip you to navigate the conflict and disconnect in your work and your workplace, starting with the immediate conflict(s) at hand and continuing for years to come with conflicts that you cannot even yet imagine, all so that you can transform that conflict into opportunity. If the information you share during the early stages of our evaluation process leads us to believe that you may actually need legal services, we will tell you that!
Often, workplace conflict does seem impossible to resolve. It can seem that way for any number of reasons, whether it's personalities and attitudes, a missing or limited perspective, or other complex factors. That said, we believe EiroBridge can help with most workplace conflict scenarios. But, we promise you this: if we believe we can't help, we'll use some of that Radical Candor that's so important to us and we will tell you.
Yes, we do. While our focus is on work and workplaces, the methods that we use are equally effective in many other contexts, including community-based organizations. If our approach resonates with you, reach out to us and we will be happy to talk about your specific situation and how we can best help you.
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