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At its heart, EiroBridge is all about (re)connection in the workplace and work.
At its heart, EiroBridge is all about (re)connection in the workplace and work. It is not about sitting together and singing Kumbaya, or just exchanging pleasantries and going through the motions to feel better for a few moments. It's about helping people approach and navigate difficult conversations with each other.

What We Do.

We mediate workplace disputes and disconnection.

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Why We Do It

No one wants conflict or disconnection in the workplace because both can quickly lead to hostility, distraction, turnover, and even costly litigation.

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How We Do It.

We LAUGH a lot! Seriously! We Listen, Ask, Understand and Grow perspective, and Help people identify how they want to move forward. We actually do laugh too!

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Work & Workplace Reconciliation, Through Mediation

EiroBridge exists to facilitate reconciliation in work and workplaces, and we work toward that using a unique form of mediation. We are often asked, "what does that really mean or look like on a practical level?"

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"Reconciliation" is not a term that's used all that often in today's work world, and it's one that can be a loaded term depending on individual backgrounds and experiences.

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What do you mean by "sustainable work and workplaces"?

Quite simply, "sustainable work" and "sustainable workplaces" means work and workplaces that are life giving instead of life sucking. It's about work and workplaces that we look forward to (at least most days) instead of dreading. It's about growing. Ultimately, it's about the impact work and workplaces have on each of us, as individuals, as teams, as communities, and beyond. For far too long, and for far too many, that impact has been negative across nearly any metric. We exist to change that to a positive, one individual and one workplace at a time.