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At EiroBridge, we build TRUST and encourage some INNOVATION through RADICAL CANDOR and EMPATHY. Then, we help reignite your natural sense of ADVENTURE. When things get challenging and even frustrating, we refocus on HOPE and meet the moment with TENACITY, working to support SELF DETERMINATION.

1. Trust

Nothing that EiroBridge does can succeed or last unless there's trust. It's integrity, honesty, confidence, relationship, truth. It's assured reliance on that foundation so that we can help you move forward. It is a commitment to be the people that are worthy of caring for you, your work, and your workplace.

2. Innovation

Innovation, at EiroBridge, means we are wisdom seeking and wisdom sharing as we combine tried and true techniques with contemporary science, experiences, and practices in order to navigate sustainable work and workplaces.

3. Radical Candor

Unreserved, honest, sincere, direct, and free of any prejudice or malice. What we do, if it's to be effective, must be Radically Candid. Life's simply too short and your work is simply too important for anything less than Radical Candor.

4. Empathy

There can be no hope of transforming conflict into opportunity or (re)connecting what's disconnected unless there's a healthy dose of empathy by, and for, everyone at the table and beyond. Like Hope, we believe Empathy is a verb, i.e., seeking to understand the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of another. Hopefully, that empathy comes naturally. If not, we can help with that too!

5. Adventure

We love a good adventure. For us, that means something out of the ordinary, typically involving at least a bit of risk and danger, and always requiring resourcefulness, enterprise, and enthusiasm. Along the way, laughs and maybe even a few tears are guaranteed. Looking back on it, we often wonder how we made it through the adventure, but can't imagine going back to life as it was before we set out.

6. Hope

At EiroBridge, Hope is another verb. It involves expecting great things with confidence and moving forward from that perspective of expectancy and confidence.

7. Tenacity

Tenacity is perseverance and resilience with an attitude of expectancy, hope, energy, and determined persistence. Tenacity gets things done.

8. Self Determination

Ultimately, everything we do is intended to support the parties in the conflict so that they may identify how they will move forward. Through this commitment to Self Determination and our related actions, parties reclaim the confidence, clarity and agency to identify solutions that will work for them, in that moment of conflict and far beyond. Step-by- (Self Determined) step, we help parties move back toward their connections with their work and their workplaces, so that they may truly be part of growing sustainable work and workplaces.

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