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While each disconnect and conflict is different, the process that we use to approach them typically involves four basic stages. This is what most of our clients, and potential clients, can expect initially when they reach out to us for help. Looking beyond these initial steps, the specific process depends largely on the specific disconnection and related dymanics.


Step 1: Can EiroBridge Help?

In this initial step, we hope to get an early understanding of the basic disconnect(s) and conflict(s) at issue. To achieve this, we use a brief questionnaire that we have developed over many years of facilitating this type of (re)connection. You complete that questionnaire either verbally with us or in writing at your convenience. In both contexts, your answers are confidential.*

We review the information that you have provided in order to determine whether your situation is something we are actually qualified to help with. Once we've reviewed your information, we may have a few follow up questions for you. But here, the goal is simply to see whether or not EiroBridge may be able to help.

We will tell you whether or not we think we can help. If we don't think we can help, we will do our best to refer you to resources that we believe would be better suited to help you. If we do think we can help, we'll move on to the next step with you.

*When we say "confidential" or "confidentially" in this context, we mean that we will keep it under wraps, or to ourselves, but we do not want to imply that this communication is protected by any established privilege, such as the attorney/client communication privilege. If you think you need legal advice about your workplace conflict, you should contact our sister-business, the Law Office of Geoffrey M. Hash.



Step 2: How Can EiroBridge Help?

Once we've determined that we are able to help, we will discuss how, specifically, we may be able to help you. What services may be appropriate from our perspective given the conflict(s) or disconnect(s) as you describe them? What services do you want, and in what order? What difference would it make to you and your workplace if this conflict was resolved? What would things look like if they stayed the same, tomorrow, next year, 5 years from now? These are just some of the questions that we will discuss, together, in this stage. We help facilitate that analysis and discussion. You decide what makes the most sense for you.



Step 3: Establishing the fees, fee structure, engagement scope and road map.

Once we've determined the possible ways EiroBridge may help, we then set our sights on composing a package that makes sense for you and your workplace needs, in terms of what services we will provide, the anticipated order that we will provide those services in, the costs and cost structure for those various services (i.e., whether it's time based, a flat-fee, or a combination of the two), and the timing of payment for those services (i.e., whether it's mile-stone based, project completion based, or a hybrid). If you have a budget (and who doesn't?!), we understand. We work with budgets all the time in our own businesses and family lives. We will do our best to get you what you want within your budget. We will always get you what you need within your budget.

Once we've agreed on those terms, we draw it all up in a written agreement with an eye toward keeping it as simple and straight-forward as possible. That agreement will identify what we will do, when we will do it, how we will measure "success", how much you will pay, when you will pay it, and any contingencies or related items that are important to you.



Step 4: Roll up the sleeves, put on the coveralls and the PPE, and get to work LAUGHing!

Okay, so coveralls and PPE are not (usually) involved. But, once we've reached this stage, it's time to set the plan in motion. What that plan looks like depends on a lot of variables. It always involves one or more of the various services we offer, and sometimes a hybrid or an approach that's new to us but within our abilities and in line with your needs.

In any event, by the time we have made it this far, we have a deeper working relationship and the trust that goes with that (especially after some radical candor). By this stage, we also have an idea of the working AAA plan, the order of approach, and a healthy dose of flexibility so that we can pivot without breaking if necessary. The initial legwork is done and the adventure begins as we dive in to move from conflict to (re)connection.

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